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Nadal finally wins Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal finally won the Wimbledon grand slam title after two successive failed attempts as he beat defending champion and world number one Roger Federer in an epic five set thriller.

Nadal had met Federer twice before in the final and failed to beat him although he came very close last year and this time he went further to take the coveted crown.

It was the first time for Federer to lose a Wimbledon final in six years and I think momentum is now with Nadal. But he is still a very good player and the sets he lost in the final are the ones he lost in the whole tournament.

At last month's French Open it was clear that Federer had not closed the gap between him and Nadal on clay but now its now clear that Nadal has now closed the gap between him and Federer on grass and it could be a very interesting scenario next year.

But the good news for Federer is that only Nadal can pose serious problems to him at the moment since nobody managed to take a set away from him until the final and if somebody knocks him out for him in an earlier round then he can get back Wimbledon. But also its hard to hard to beat Nadal.

And then there is also the Djokovic factor. Unfortunately Djokovic was beaten earlier by Marat Safin knocked earlier in the first week and a possible semi-final match did not eventuate.

Unfortunately it was difficult to watch the full match for me from my Melbourne timezone but it was interesting to go to bed and wake up just after 6am and still watch the final moments of the match and the presentation ceremony. There must be a few more people who had a similar experience.

It was a huge win for Nadal stopping somebody who such a record on grass. The fact that Federer could come back from two sets and force a fifth shows that he can still back the title next year. I think there is a lot in Federer and I am sure he will come back pumped up next year.

I think you are right Jason that there is more from Federer especially next year. I don't think he will allow Nadal to have a second consecutive Wimbledon crown because if that happens he may never that crown back again. But also its also a long way to the next Wimbledon and a lot can happen in between and see what happens in the interim.

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