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Quick results and swearing in for Mugabe

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was declared the winner of the one man run-off and soon after sworn in as president of Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission claim that nearly as many people as voted in the Zimbabwe March 29 election but this time the counting and announcing of results has been super quick.

This to me raises a lot of questions as to why there was such a delay in announcing the results of the March elections and yet this time its been very quick.

But that is nothing compared to the swearing in which was done less than 48 hours after the polls closed on election day.

The MPs of the March 29 are still to be sworn in more than three months after the election and so far there is no date has been set for their swearing in.

This shows the uneven ground in the Zimbabwe political landscape. It looks like it depends on who is winning.

Another interesting issue is that the poll observers have said the elections were neither free nor fair. What I would like to see is what the other African countries are going to do about that.

If they do nothing then it means elsewhere in Africa you can go and intimidate the opposition and do whatever you want and never care about the poll observers because their observations carry no weight.

That is very sad if that were to happen and so I expect the groups that send observers to do or at least say something otherwise there will no need for poll observers again in African elections.

So after his quick swearing in Robert Mugabe jetted to Egypt to be among fellow head of states at the AU summit and if there was a chance for the renamed OAU to get some sort of respect this would be it.

If they say nothing like nothing has happened in Zimbabwe then that organisation will lack credibility especially in the eyes of Zimbabweans who suffering seem set to continue unabated.

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