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Euro 2008 Preview

In a few days time the Euro 2008 tournament kicks off with co-hosts Switzerland taking on the Czech Republic in a Group A match.

I will try to do a quick preview of the groups and try to guess who I think will proceed to the quarter-finals stage in each group.

Starting with Group A which has Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Turkey, I think Portugal stands out as one of the strongest teams in that group. Portugal lost in the final of Euro 2004 when they were hosts and reached the semis of the 2006 World Cup and I can see them actually winning this group.

They also have one of the best players in the world at the moment in Cristiano Ronaldo and that is a big boost for them. Its a bit hard to see who will be runner up in that group but I think the Swiss team as co-hosts could sail through to the next stage.

In Group B, Germany looks like the stand out team even though they haven't had really done well in the last two Euro tournaments despite doing well in the World Cups around those tournaments.

Poland had a good run in qualifying and even though I think qualifying is qualifying and sometimes you may qualify well and not do well in the tournament proper I think Poland could edge out Croatia for a place in the quarter finals.

Croatia had injured Gunner Eduardo da Silva score most of their goals and I think they may find it hard going in this group. I will be very surprised if co-hosts Austria will come out of this group.

I think the most difficult group is C. This group has 2006 World Cup finalists Italy and France in it plus Romania and the Netherlands.

I think any of these four teams can easily reach the quarter-finals and I think it will some simple mistakes in the end to decide who reach the quarters.

But having said that I will go with France and Italy as the two teams to reach the quarter-finals. I think these two teams have all the experience needed at this level especially for matches that are likely to be won by an odd goal.

Group D sees the defending champions Greece joined by Sweden, Russia and Spain. I would like to think that Greece will be able to get the goals they need to reach the quarter-final stage and I think that Russia and Spain will be the other team to join them.

I more inclined with Spain here and I think Guus Hiddink's may be heading home after just three matches.

The European championships are very hard to predict because you have teams that are nearly of equal strength and it may take some moment of brilliance to win a match.

I also hope we will be able to witness some free flowing football from all the teams and not the cagey defending hoping that somebody makes a mistake and then pounce.

If you were to ask me who I think the overall winner will be I think it will be between Portugal, Italy and France.

I also hope to do well in my tipping for Euro 2008 on TipsChallenge

I fancy the Netherlands more than France to reach the quarter-finals and even win Group C. France has a lot of ageing stars and this time for the first time in many years they will not be having their talisman Zidane and so I think they will find it tough going. I even think Romania will finish above France but that will be a fight for scraps.

You might be well Denis on the Netherlands because they have very good players but I am not sure they have a very good defence which I think is what is really required in this group. Its also interesting to see that Romania finished top in the same group with the Netherlands and it will be interesting to see what happens this time.

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