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SBS, Setanta to show Euro 2008

The Euro 2008 tournament starts next week and in Australia SBS and Setanta will be showing the matches live.

SBS are going to show just eight live matches and that includes the opening match and the final.

On the other hand Setanta Sports will show every match but to subscribe you need first to subscribe to Foxtel and then you need to subscribe to Setanta.

Whilst I have Foxtel and I would have subscribed to Setanta in order to get more all the matches games, I understand Setanta is not available to me because my Foxtel is through Optus.

For Euro 2004 FoxSports televised all the matches and did a good job out of it but this time it looks like we will have to go with what SBS selects as their six live matches outside the opening match and final. This is just a third of the matches.

If you think that they will show the semis then that will leave just four matches and I am beginning to wonder why they could not get more than 8 matches.

Another option is to follow the games on

The site provides a place for users to connect and compete with other fans and earn points for predicting the winners of team and player match-ups.


Thanks, I will check out the site. Cheers.

Hugely disappointing coverage, for a competition that many believe is superior even to the world cup in terms of quality of football.

If you combine this with the fact that Foxtel is starting to put things live on Fox Sports HD (another channel that you have to pay extra for) then you can see that the amount of sports that you get for your existing package is just shrinking and shrinking.

Thanks Smithy for the comment. I am now hoping that SBS will show the later stages of the tournament but they have so far used two matches of their eight match package and surely that small number of games can't be right for the majority of the population. I am now wondering what else will go to Setanta.

Sbs is soccer broadcasting service show all the soccer on it

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