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Zimbabwe election results drama continues

In the end there was nothing much that came from the Sadc emergency meeting and I don't think that surprised many as this is the same Sadc that has watched the Zimbabwe situation deteriorate over the last few years whilst claiming that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe.

I expected Sadc to at least demand that the results be announced immediately but for some reason Sadc thinks there is still need for a delay to announce results for just over two million people who voted in the Zimbabwe elections.

Sadc even failed to recognize the intimidation of opposition supporters by Zanu PF supporters that is being reported from around the country and that alone will not make the runoff free and fair should it take place.

If Sadc thinks there is going to be a runoff then they should send their observers now to monitor the situation and then should one be needed for real then they can stay until the runoff result is announced.

I think the Sadc observers should not have left the country altogether in the first place until all the election results were announced and continue staying there until any runoff was completed and the accompanying results announced.

Also say there is a runoff what guarantee is there that the results will be announced quickly? There should be a time limit of at least two or three days before the election results are announced especially when all the counting is done at the polling stations.

I think this was a chance lost for Sadc to recover some lost ground on the Zimbabwe situation but at least it looks like there are some leaders in there like Zambia's Levy Mwanawase who are concerned whilst others like South Africa's Thabo Mbeki think everything is fine even when pictures of burnt houses are appearing in all news media.

An even more worrisome development is that of the Chinese ship that I'm hearing about with 77 tonnes of arms and ammunition that landed at Durban on Thursday/Friday. It seem the South African Trade Unions have refused to unload the cargo, whose final destination is Zimbabwe, Attention of Ministry of Defence. Could it be that the whole waiting game is in fact a wait for this delivery? Whatever the case, prayer and definitive action are more urgent than ever, as it seems that Bob means more business than ever before. Have a read... here

I agree Ron, I am worried that Zimbabwe would rather buy ammunition instead of buying food in a country where people are suffering from widespread hunger.

It seems like the ship is now headed for either Mozambique or Angola after South African workers refused to transport the shipment across their country.


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