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BBC gets back F1 TV coverage

According to this BBC article and this BBC blog post BBC blog post, F1 television coverage in the UK will return to the BBC after 12 years.

ITV had two years left in its contract but F1 has decided to give those rights to the BBC which should be a good thing for British F1 fans because they will now have uninterrupted coverage.

When I used to watch F1 coverage on ITV in England I thought that was great and they would show every race live and races like the Japanese would be shown live early in the morning and then a re-run in the afternoon and then a highlights program at night all which I thought was great.

Now if you look at F1 coverage in Australia which is done by Channel 10 all you get is the wall to wall coverage of the Australian grand prix and pretty much nothing else for the rest of the season in terms of live coverage and one is expected to live by delayed coverages.

This brings the question as to why Bernie Ecclestone does not act in Australia and look for a channel that will show the bulk of the races live in Australia and also increase the F1 fan base in the country?

This weekend we have the Malaysian grand prix which will be at 6.00 pm Melbourne time but Channel 10 will show this race delayed at 11 pm and they keep their rights.

On the other hand the race will be at 7.00 am UK time and ITV will show it live and then show the full re-run at 2.45 pm and then one hour highlights program at 12:20 am and they lose rights to F1 coverage. Double standards anybody?

It would appear to me then that F1 expects higher standards for their European viewers and possibly none at all for their Australian ones.

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