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Victory win in record goals round

Melbourne Victory won at last in a round in which a record number of goals were scored in an A-League round.

In round 18, a total of 21 goals were scored and this is highest number of goals ever scored in a single round in the short history of the A-League. Before this round the highest number of goals scored in a round was 19 and this happened twice in the first season in rounds 11 and 16.

It is interesting to note also that of the 21 goals scored, 15 of them were scored by the away teams with the home teams accounting for the remaining six. Its no surprise then that all the away teams won in this particular round.

Back in season 1 in round 11, the away teams scored 14 goals compared to the home team's five but in round 16 of the same season it was the home teams which scored more goals with 12 goals.

And talking about all the away teams winning, this was the third time in the A-League for all the away teams to win and not surprising the other two times occurred in season 1 in rounds 6 and 11.

Back to Victory this was a welcome win for the Victory and a good one to end the year where things haven't really worked out as expected since the season begun.

This is only the fourth win of the season and another three wins in the remaining rounds will see the team finish with 29 points but maybe this is expecting too much from this team. I still think that at this moment avoiding bottom place will be a good achievement.

Having said that I am waiting to see what will happen against high flying and table toppers Queensland Roar this coming round in round 19. A win there could make the season look not so bad after all.

I was pleased to see Archie Thompson and Danny Allsop combining well again and it is this type of display that will be needed in the Asian Champions League.

A very good win but unfortunately it may save Merrick's job. I am kind of thinking that the Victory needs a change of direction and new guidance but Merrick has shown in this match that he can turn things around. If he can get Victory to win at least two of the last three fixtures I will be happy.

Yes Ryan, in this match he certainly turned things around. There were plenty of goals, a disciplined approach, good defence and many chances created and there could have been more goals had Thompson released the ball early on one or two occasions but the question remains whether this can be repeated or is it just a one-off.

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