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Federer dismisses Nadal Challenge

Roger Federer won his fourth consecutive Wimbledon title early this morning after dismissing Rafael Nadal's challenge in four sets. In an error strewn match for Nadal, Federer once again showed why he has gone for 49 consecutive matches without a loss on grass and on this performance that number can only increase.

Nadal did very well to get to the final in the first place and not only that he is the only player who managed to take a set off Federer at the All England Club this year. I think he now no longer deserves the tag clay court specialist as such but has to be rightly seen as a good tennis player who at age 20 can only improve.

I won't be surprised to see Federer come again to win Wimbledon next year and get a fifth consecutive title but he will better take note of Nadal's improvement on the grass surface and it will only be a matter of time before Nadal wins Wimbledon going by his play this year.

It's also good to see that at least now there is somebody who can challenge Federer in the form of Nadal. It still remains to be seen how Nadal will fare at the US Open but from his Wimbledon exploits we can expect a good tournament from him.

innocent Gwitima
You are guessing right when you say it's not too long before Nadal gets grass court tournament title from Federer.Surely Nadal has improved vastly on this type of surface over a short period of time and it's fitting to say he was the most improved player in the tournament and was also the only one to give Federer a noticeable, threatening challenge.
With Nadal beating the world champion 6 of the eight games they have played against each other so far we can safely say he is the new world champion in the making.

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