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Australia retain World Cup

Australia this morning retained the ICC World Cup after beating Sri Lanka by 53 runs using the Duckworth/Lewis method to lift the cup for the fourth time.

I had hoped to watch the start of this match and with no play past midnight I just gave up on it but managed to get up to watch the ending where there was so much confusion on when exactly the match would end.

Australia's vice-captain Adam Gilchrist carried the day for Australia with a world cup final record score of 149 runs from 104 runs and that was the major difference between the two teams apart from the weather conditions.

Its rather unfortunate that the weather played a big part in this final but having said that very few would doubt that Australia deserved their crowning again as champions as they totally dominated all their matches at this world cup. It is therefore not surprising that Australia last lost a world cup match against Pakistan in 1999.

Sri Lanka also have been very consistent and played in some of the most interesting matches of this world cup especially the matches against South Africa and England.

This match also saw the retirement from cricket of Glenn McGrath from cricket and he has had a wonderful tournament and deserved to be the player of the tournament.

So congratulations to Australia and I hope in four year's time there will be more competition.

Wes, it was great that 'Ooh Ahh' could retire with this World Cup victory and it was great to see Adam Gilchrist finally get some runs. However the farcical way in which the game ended was a disappointing.


Yes Dave, Gil had a very good innings and possibly the only highlight of this final and also maybe the fact that the best team at the tournament won.

I still don't understand why they didn't decide to play the match the following day or when there was a delay of more than two hours, they could have decided reduced overs for both teams at the start something like 35 or 40 hours apiece instead of the D/L method.

When the ICC saw that the weather was not good and it was not possible to play full 50 overs per side, they should have cancelled the match until the following day or whenever the weather cleared.
This was the final and the most important match of the world cup and it was very important the full fifty over match was played. After seven weeks in the Caribbean, consideration should have been given to wait till the next day just so that we could get a full fifty over match not the kind of rubbish we ended up having. I was very disappointed and am just wondering now what more chaos they will bring in 2011.

Wes, i agree the wrong decisions were made about the final...Its pathetic, and without taking anything away from Gil (who found form at the right moment after a disappointing tournament for him), the ball wasn't moving. Australia were stronger but you could tell that with better conditions the final could have been an even closer contest. i hope other nations like India, South Africa, West Indies will sort themselves out before the next competition...the lack of competition is becoming boring and its not only about changing coaches...its the whole works, team selection, domestic structures etc

Although it was great to see Australia claim their third consecutive World Cup the weather marred what was set to be a great contest between two of the world's top cricketing sides. Overall it was great to see Australia play so well throughout the tournament. I felt that they maintained their intensity right throughout and deserved their success at the end.

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