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Unexpected World Cup results

I think there hasn't been some real upsets in the 2006 FIFA World Cup so far but I could say there has been some unexpected results. The most notable one is the Serbia and Montenegro's 6 nil loss to Argentina. From a team that qualified having just conceded a solitary goal to a team that has now shipped in 7 goals is a bit of transformation. Without taking anything away from Argentina who I thought did nothing wrong and gave by far the best performance so far, one would have expected the goal margin to be at least a two goal margin but six no. By the time Kezman was sent off, his team was already 3 goals down so that wasn't much of a factor either.
Another result which was a bit unexpected is the Mexico draw with Angola. I should say Angola played particularly well and whilst they did everything well in defence and midfield they ran out of ideas in the final third. But having watched Mexico against Iran my expectation was for Mexico to at least score a goal.
Back to Angola, its good to see Angola going into their final match with a chance to still qualify for the second round but to do that they have to score and possibly not just one goal. Also good was the fact that Joao Ricardo became the second African player to get the Fifa man of the match award in this tournament.
England, well, have their work cut out and I just don't see them beating Sweden in the final match unless the team's form changes dramatically overnight. Trinidad and Tobago were unfortunate to lose that game having done everything right but score in their few chances and I hope they will be able to score at least a goal against Paraguay.
It would be interesting to see if Ukraine can still come back from their humiliating defeat against Spain and qualify for the second round and having said that I think it would be appropriate for a profilic goal scorer in club football like Shevchenko to come up with at least a goal from the World Cup. I should also add that the goal margin in that match was also unexpected.

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