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Socceroos on pole position

The first round of the FIFA World Cup Group F matches has been completed and guess what the Socceroos are on top of the table! If this was the final table surely I would frame it. The truth is there is still a long way to go
Now that I have seen all the four teams in the group play I can look forward and see what we can expect in the coming games. It was very important to win the Japan match but the way it was won meant at one time I wondered where the goal was going to come from but when the goals came there were three of them. I think Japan invited trouble by defending too deep for long periods and one was bound to make a mistake which their goalie did and that led to the first goal and hence the opening of the floodgates.
Looking forward to the next game against Brazil, from the eleven players that finished the Japan match I hope Hiddink starts with ten of them plus Moore minus Kennedy. Its very important that Viduka gets somebody who supports him upfront from the start in the form of Aloisi to cause the Brazil a bit of problems.
Talking about Brazil, Croatia stretched them to the limit and a draw would have been a fairer result but not good for Australia. Croatia played so well that if they play like that in the next two matches then they will have a very big say on who goes to the next round. The only positive thing from the Socceroos point of view, if anything, are the three yellow cards given to Croatia's key players and if they get second yellows then they would miss the final crunch game with the Socceroos.
Elsewhere, I wasn't expecting much from Togo given the reported turmoil in their camp but they gave all they could against South Korea and although France did not win I still expect them to sail to the next round. Ghana's athleticism was good but was required of them was shots on target which Italy to their credit did. I would rather have weak shots on target than blazing powerful shots off target.

The Socceroos have a realistic chance of proceeding to the next round. To be frank Brazil, based on their performance against Croatia are not invincible. The Socceroos have the potential to draw or even beat the mighty Brazilians. I single out Ronaldo as someone who does not deserve to be in the starting line up or worse still to be on the bench.

Lets remember that Ronaldo, like Owen hasn't played competitive football for some time. I would judge both after the next round of matches.

I dont agree. Both those players are there on reputation. Reputation alone is not good enough without form. And the World Cup is not the place to get the form.

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